Thursday, 27 October 2016

Solo Unit

Hello my fellow Men, Myths, and Musicians, today I finished my solo unit of the grade 9 music curriculum. This was probably the best unit out there, because it just consists of playing your instrument so I got much better with my trumpet. This unit made me a better Musician because, like how theory made me better with the technical things like notes, beaming, and chords. Solo put my experience to the test and made sure I was learning.
Next up I have history, the history about music, which is a pretty large section of time.
That's all for today so as always stay tuned for more music related blogs here on The Man, The Myth, The Musician.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Theory finale

Hello my fellow men, myths and musicians, a couple of days ago I finished my first course which was music theory (notes, bars and all the technical stuff) overall it was pretty good and I got through it pretty quickly. I learned a lot of new things like beaming, for example two or four eighth notes can be beamed together to become one note and perfect octaves which are eight apart (hence octave).
Theory was very good because it taught me the notes and scales for my instrument.
I am now starting on solo which is playing and I'm looking forward to that.
As always, stay tuned (hehe) for more music related blogs here on The Man, The Myth, The Musician.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Man, The Myth,
The Legend Introduction 
By: TheAmazingGK

Hello, I'm The Amazing GK. If your wondering why I chose the name 'TheAmazingGK' it's because it's never chosen on any media software so that's what I always use. In this semester I am playing the musical instrument the trumpet so far I'm pretty good but the higher you climb the windier it gets so we'll see what happens. My first unit is theory which is figuring out notes and how the scale works, and I already f**ked up and lost all my progress. I'm excited to become the greatest trumpet player of all time and learn Low Rider.
Stay tuned (music joke) for more updates!